Coin Mkt Cap Ranking
BTC 13,050,500.00 BTC
LTC 421,656.68 BTC
PPC 46,819.57 BTC
DRK 45,011.64 BTC
DOGE 29,918.50 BTC
BC 11,181.56 BTC
XC 7,977.67 BTC
RDD 5,417.06 BTC
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Blockchain to Launch Newly Designed Wallet

Jul 22, 2014 at 04:58PM

Blockchain, one of the most popular bitcoin wallet providers/hosts currently operating announced it has plans to launch a new bitcoin wallet, although Blockchain did not specify an anticipated launch date. Nicolas Cary, CEO of Blockchain...

"Exchange in a Box" Service Draglet Expands OfferingsJul 23, 2014 at 12:33AM

The past year has seen a multitude of new bitcoin exchange enter the btc exchance space, that number is expected to increase as more and more exchanges join the already crowded space of bitcoin to...

Bitcoin's Value Through Business Jul 18, 2014 at 07:26PM

Bitcoin has grown significantly in that past few years. Payment processing companies have made it easy for businesses to accept Bitcoin as payment and instantly convert their earnings into fiat...

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SFR 0.00001502 19.4%
FRC 0.000005 12.36%
KTK 0.00000449 7.42%
LOSERS Value Change
CLR 0.00001707 -27.61%
MINT 0.00000003 -25.0%
CGB 0.00023002 -22.6%
AUR 0.00016392 -17.98%
OC 0.00000091 -15.74%